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DEX Experience is a singer/songwriter from New York City. Already famous for his worldwide cosmetics brand ‘DEX New York’, the Trinidad and Tobago-born vocal sensation is now branching out even further afield. His new mission is to touch the world yet again, this time through music. His innovative new brand comes in the form of himself – DEX Experience. 

Although only in its infancy, DEX Experience has got off to an impressive start with “Internash” - Dex’s debut dance music single. The single, produced by DJ/Producer Omri Anghel, featuring Dex’s sui generis baritone vocals, is gaining widespread recognition rapidly, already becoming a big hit with his followers and on the Billboard Dance Chart. 

Dex is certainly no stranger to the music industry anyway. In the late 90s, Dex hosted various high profile dance music parties alongside world class DJ/Producers; Junior Vasquez, Danny Tenaglia, Victor Calderone, Tom Stephan, and Peter Rauhoffer to name a few. In addition to hosting, Dex also performed the opening set for Madonna’s Ray Of Light album launch at The Roxy Nightclub. Not to mention Cher’s “If You Believe” record release event and Whitney Houston’s launch party for “It’s Not Right But It’s Ok” (hosted by Dolce & Gabanna in Rome, Italy). 

Regardless of everything Dex has already achieved, he feels like life has only just begun and wants to share his life experiences with the world, through music. In April, Dex began the release of several "Internash" remix singles, and is scheduled to release "The Best of Internash" - his first Remix Compilation in January 2019. Then the summer of 2019 he will embark on his first European tour as an indie artist. 

Dex is also in negotiations about co-hosting a TV show alongside fashion designer, Onyx Noir. The show will cover pop culture, politics and music. On top of all this, Dex is currently curating a line of DEX Experience branded lifestyle merchandise, with jet-setters in mind. This will include t-shirts, travel bags, hats, sweaters and much more. 

Stay tuned for all that and everything else DEX Experience has in the pipeline for the near future. Be sure to follow all of his social media channels using the links provided here on the site.  

[recently updated: August 12, 2018]

Photo Credit: Daniel Matallana